Pointing during changeable weather

Weather can play a big part when pointing patios. Using the speed of the Point Master & LaFarge Extra Rapid Cement in a 3:1 mix, our tests on concrete paving joints were weather-proof in under 2 hours in temperatures just above freezing. Extra Rapid also has excellent bonding strength, which is ideal for paving and low suction work.

Point Master has an offset adjustable nozzle and plunger
Point Master has an offset adjustable nozzle and plunger

Fast and accurate tool for pointing and grouting

Point Master is a versatile tool for injecting mortars and grout directly into the joint no matter what depth.

Conceived initially as a tool for accurately injecting mortar into the crumbling joints of a victorian wall, Point Master was quickly developed to work with most mortar and grout types with high precision, including cement or lime mortar and grouts for flooring, either horizontally for brick and stone or vertically for slabs and flags.

PointMaster uses 'real' regular mortars and grouts rather than expensive specialist mortars that can be costly or difficult to mix. You don't have to make mortar suitable for the tool, It works with mortar or grout best suited for the job. This ensures that your mortar's strength isn't compromised.

Watch how Point Master could help with your project.
This derelict school building had hundreds of bricks replaced
This derelict school building had hundreds of bricks replaced
It was completely repointed using the Point Master tool
It was completely repointed using the Point Master tool
This 300 year old flint wall needed repairing with lime mortar
This 300 year old flint wall needed repairing with lime mortar
Restoration completed including brick replacements
Restoration completed including brick replacements

Simplified design

Point Master's trigger free mechanism enables a smooth and continuous mortar flow by 'pushing' rather than 'squeezing' the mix. This simplification means that efficiency and performance are greatly improved and has the added benefit of making the tool easy to use.

Not having a trigger means there is no need for a lock mechanism for the plunger, so fresh mortar can be loaded into Point Master's breech in seconds. There is no delay in getting new mortar into the joints.

It is robustly made from hard wearing ABS; vitally important given the abrasive nature of mortar and grout.

The hi-flow, offset stainless steel nozzle is adjustable so that you work inside the joint, thus avoiding surface staining. Small stones left in the mortar mix won't block the nozzle as you work.

These features combine to save time and maximize job margins.

Watch our demonstration video.

Here PointMaster is being used in different situations, with various mortar mixes including cement mortar, hydraulic lime mortar and bagged floor tile grout. The performance and accuracy of Point Master is clearly shown.

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Point master works by injecting mortar directly into the mortar joint

How do I use PointMaster?

Keeping the tool at right angles to the mortar joint, apply hand pressure to inject the mix. Mortar or grout is applied right to the back, ensuring a complete fill, without air pockets.

As mortar fills the joint, move along, repeating the process until the joint is filled. If the joints are even, a continuous sliding motion is possible. For uneven mortar joints you should use a stepped process: place, fill, remove, move along, place, fill.

Allow time for the mortar to partially cure, then strike and finish as required.

Application is precise and extremely fast. Waste material is reduced.

Point Master features:

High flow, offset, stainless steel nozzle that is user adjustable to suit various joint widths.

The tool is suitable for multiple varied applications and different mortar mixes.

Ergonomic design enables the tool to be used for prolonged periods.

High capacity cylinder and flared loading end ensures fast application and fill cycles.

Simple, durable & robust, it is easy to clean. Product lifespan is extended

Watch Point Master Fill 7x 35cm² paving Joints in 25 seconds!

This short video is in two parts: firstly we demonstrate the Point Master completely filling 7x 35cm² regular sided paving slab joints in just 25 seconds and with only one fill. Secondly, we add sharp sand and small stones into the mix, then re-mix, then reload the tool and continue pointing the same slabs, proving that small stones really won't block the nozzle.

Applications for Point Master

The tool is suitable for most applications using regular cement mortar, lime mortar and grout for flooring. It works with most common mix ratios, and is fine with mortar colourant and other mortar additives. The links below show projects and short videos of some examples of uses for Point Master. Just click an image.