Point Master customer Feedback.

Feedback received from our customers

"This is the best money I have spent in a long time. It works perfectly and saved me days of pointing 2" natural milled stone." ... B Jackson (Canada)

“This is a must. Fantastic tool. One of the best things i have ever bought.....I'm in the process of pointing over 4000 bricks and have started by using the point master. I can't begin to explain how Brilliant it is! in one day i have infilled and ironed up over 1200 bricks and I was in no way rushing. In my estimate I will be finished at least four days earlier than estimated, so I'm quids in by at least £140 a day - work it out for yourself."Say goodbye to the needle pointer, hello PointMaster" thats my motto now. I run my own Property Maintenance & Repairs company so I'm not a DIY'er. ” ... G. Hyde.

"I'm a builder and I don't take on repointing jobs because they take too long and are too expensive on labour. Until now - since I bought this tool, which is just excellent.... A highly recommended part of any builder's or even DIYer's tool kit. You'll cover the cost ten times over on your first pointing job. Simply put, it does exactly what it's supposed to do - and well!"

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Pointmaster tool. I have just completed repointing my paved drive. I used 12 bags of sand so was a fairly big job. Can't believe how easy the tool is to operate and after a little practice really neat results.I have a bit of lime mortar repointing to do on my house wall which is sandstone. Reckon the job will almost be enjoyable ! Many thanks for an excellent well designed product." ... K Smith

"I used it for the first time yesterday and was amazed that it was so easy." ... B Goodman

“With a little practice first, to get the hang of it, I was able to re-point the rear of my house in one day, with plenty of tea breaks….My friend has since used the tool, he had his cement delivered ready mixed and he had no problems either. Buy this tool and save £s” ... H Lee

"Hi, I've recently bought the Point Master tool from you, and have now used it several times. Having bought several tools over the years, I always go back to the old way, on my knees with a trowel. Well not this time, you have come up with a pointing tool that actually does the job." ... L Owen

"I bought a Point Master several weeks ago, and have used it for the first time on a literally MASSIVE repointing job - a huge old Victorian Mill in Matlock, Derbyshire. The job would normally have taken six weeks. I finished it in three. Great product, can't ever see me doing another job without it"

"Hi there. I Have just purchased the Point Master tool from you. I have been in the brickwork trade for over 20 years and must commend you on such an amazing product that actually works. Very well done. Would recommend 100 percent to anyone in my trade."

"I wish I had found it sooner! ... it certainly makes the job hugely easier and the price makes it an easy decision. I am very sceptical of claims that a tool can make a skilled job like pointing easy - I was genuinely surprised that this tool works as advertised. 10 out of 10."

"I needed to point a very old and decrepit brick garden wall which was falling apart due to years of ivy encroachment and in danger of collapse. I thought that I would have to spend many days painstakingly trowelling mortar between the bricks and I thought surely someone, somewhere must have a solution like a large cake icing bag to squeeze the cement into the gaps in the bricks... While searching online for advice I came upon a video demonstration for Point Master and thought my prayers were answered. I purchased Point Master online and yes...my prayers were answered in full. This gadget works as described!!!! and the job was done beautifully in one day! I have since used my Point Master to tidy up garden paving at my house and my son's patio. My advice....get one!!"

"This product really does what it says on the box! It's like icing a cake - but using mortar instead. My tip is read the notes and view the video on the manufacturer's website but take it steady until you become more experienced. A really neat solution giving a really neat job."

"As an ordinary DIY'er with 150 slabs to re-point on the patio every couple of years I have tried everything from dry mixes to patio grout. I used the Point Master recently and it does exactly as it shows on the video. It works so quickly... It is robust, easy to clean, the finish is excellent and when I walk on the slabs they feel a lot more solid than before probably because the cement has filled right into the joints. Great product!"

"My husband and our builder were both sceptical of your product - much face pulling and smirking, there then ensued a tussle over who was going to use it. We found last weekend that it reduced the estimated time to repoint a sandstone wall (uneven joints) from two days to one" ... T Buckeridge

"I've used the Point Master recently and found that after a bit of practice, its as good as the promotional video demonstrates. I would highly recommend the Point Master to anyone with large areas of pointing to undertake….I found it particularly useful for re-pointing, especially where full and part bricks have been replaced and the lime mortar needs injecting right into the back of the joint" ... M Stanbrook

"Before i had one of those modified sealant guns, but I just couldn't get on with it because it kept blocking up. The Point Master is different, it doesn't block easily and the flow rate is massive. it really works well" ... R Young

"The Point Master is so easy to use. The speed of putting mortar into the joint is so quick you are actually walking with it. It is definitely the way forward for house pointers and flaggers - We have spent days pointing jobs up in the past. With this tool you could do a good size patio in a very short time" ... P Warrington

"At last! someone's come up with a tool that doesn't squeeze all the water out of the mix. thank you"

"The Point Master has changed my way of thinking. I always disliked Pointing and Grouting, but now using the Point Master I really enjoy doing it!" ... A Barker"

"The only problem with this tool is that if you have not done the job the hard way you will not appreciate how easy this tool makes it. I got consistently good results from my first try with it. I spent weeks last summer pointing the end wall of a house by hand as a DIY project. Lots of dropped and spoiled mortar. Time consuming and fiddly. This year I found this tool and did the end wall of another house in a day. I really wish I had found this tool a year ago...."

Observations from tradesmen regarding pointing methods.

Here are some of the comments made by professional tradesmen visiting our stand at recent trade shows about the various methods and products that they use for jointing paving, patios etc. and the problems they encounter:-

About traditional trowel pointing
“Difficult to fill full depth of joint”
“Long periods on hands and knees”
“Very slow and time consuming”

About skeleton type “pointing guns”
“Block-up easily”
“Separate the water from the mix as they work at a higher cylinder pressure”
“Some only work with soft sand mortar”
“Cause aching fingers due to constant triggering”

Dry or semi-dry mortar applications
“Difficult to apply if conditions are not perfect. Impossible if slabs are wet”
“Doesn’t last long especially if the customer uses a power washer for cleaning”
“Often subject to frost attack”

Brush-in compounds
“Difficult to apply if slabs are wet”
“Some makes can not be used in damp conditions”
“Often discolours after a period of time”
“Can fall out of the joint”
“Is expensive to use, especially when the joints are wide or deep”

Advantages over other methods

“Completely fills the joints”
“Allows the use of most types of mortar and grout (including coloured mortar)”
“No aching hands”
“Completes the job in a fraction of the normal time”
“Is suitable for deep joints & stonework”
“Adjustable nozzle makes one tool suitable for many applications”
“A versatile, fast and robust professional tool at an affordable price”

Other applications for Point Master

The tool is suitable for most applications using regular cement mortar, lime mortar and grout for flooring. It works with most common mix ratios, and is fine with mortar colourant and other mortar additives. The links below show projects and short videos of some examples of uses for Point Master. Just click an image.