Roof pointing and awkward mortar repair

Offset nozzle is ideal for roof pointing & hard to get at places

The offset nozzle is ideal for roof pointing & hard to reach places

Mortar replacement and pointing repairs in areas around the roof structure can be awkward and time consuming. Because these areas often are connected to the buildings water channeling / waterproofing system, correct application is vital for the structure.

This is an area where the PointMaster comes into its own; The offset nozzle allows the tool to be used right into a corner between roof and brickwork. Its filling method ensures a high quality and complete fill. There is much less mess and the application time is greatly reduced.

In this example, the PointMaster is being used to infill the mortar joint left when new leadwork was fitted to a conservatory extension.

The integration of the offset nozzle was included into the design secifically to allow for access to awkard areas, whilst maintaining the ability to apply mortar directly into the brick joint.

Although there are many other applications, such as pointing around window frames and sills, that require such an offset nozzle, most of these are above ground level, where safety is a factor. Reducing the amount of time working at height improves personal safety.

Other applications for Point Master

The tool is suitable for most applications using regular cement mortar, lime mortar and grout for flooring. It works with most common mix ratios, and is fine with mortar colourant and other mortar additives. The links below show projects and short videos of some examples of uses for Point Master. Just click an image.